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13 and 15 Inch ThunderBolt3 / TypeC Late 2016 MacBook Pro's were released. USBC support is now full 10Gpbs USB 3.1 speed, double the current 12" Retina MacBook and Thunderbolt3 runs at up to 40Gbps.

2016 13" Apple MacBook Pro

With Two Thunderbolt3 Ports

MacBook Pro 13" Laptop with TouchBar and 4 Thunderbolt3/USBC Ports

MacBook Pro 15" Laptop with Touch Bar and 4 Thunderbolt3/USBC Ports
12" Apple MacBook with Retina Display

USBC Data & Charging Port

12 inch Retina MacBooks have USB TypeC Rev 1 which run at 5Gb/s speed. Rev 2 will eventually increase speeds to 10Gb/s when Apple updates the 12" to newer ThunderBolt3/USBC ports sometime in 2017.

USBC Gadgets

Mini USBC Converter

TypeC To USB 3.0 Port

USBC 4port Hub

USB Gadget Sharing

USBC Thumb Drive

Dual USBC & A Plugs

USBC SSD Drive Case

USBC Drive Enclosure

USBC Hub w/Ethernet

10/100 Gigabit Ethernet

USBC 3X Hub Card Reader

MMC and SD Memory Cards

USBC to USB3 mini-B Cabling

For Older USB3.0 Backup Drives